Finally, there's one place to receive offers and information from the businesses You care about and Stay anonymous so that your inbox stays free from clutter.


So it's Wednesday night and you're hungry. You can quickly browse the restaurants you already love to see what they have to offer. Or maybe you want to go bowling, or need your oil changed, or a haircut, or...

Because you create YOUR WORLD, it has what you need when you need it.

You Choose What you see

In YOUR WORLD, you only see what you want to see because you are the one who invites in the business- when you are physically at the business, on their website or from the MY WORLD app.

Discovering New Businesses around you that are destined to become favorites

Maybe you want to discover a new business apart from ones you already have invited into YOUR WORLD. With our "Nearby" feature you can scroll through businesses that are close to you, within a business category you've selected (Food, Entertainment, Automotive, etc.), and see any offers they might have.

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